As you are going about your day or during a regular inspection of your home, you may realize that your roof needs some work done on it. Whether it is a leak or a brown spot in your ceiling, or you have found a shingle or two loose or peeling, weather, nature, and aging all have a part in roof damage. As a homeowner, you may not know the best way to bring your roof back to life, and that is when you need to hire a reputable roofing contractor. They will advise you on whether you need a repair or replacement based on the extent of the damage or your desired changes.

Unreliable and inexperienced contractors will make you count losses at the end of the day. We at Fletcher Home do not want you to go through such disappointments with your re-roofing projects in the Stafford area, and therefore have provided you with an ultimate guide on how to hire a contractor you can trust.

1. Look for Referrals

You can never go wrong with referrals because you are getting first-hand information from people you trust. Ask your friends, relatives, or colleagues to refer to you contractors whom they or their loved ones have worked with before. List some companies suggested and review each based on the account you get about them. Ask if they were satisfied with the service provided and if they would hire that company again if need be. By analyzing the information, it will become easy to determine if a company is trustworthy or not. Apart from people close to you, you can also ask other business owners in the home repair and remodeling industry who they might have worked with in the past. Unless they have a self-interest in your project, they can also be a good source of referrals.

2. Do Your Research

You must do your duty apart from listening to what other people are telling about a contractor. One of the best ways that we recommend you to use is searching for online reviews and testimonials. In today’s digital world, people are using the internet to provide their opinions about almost everything in their life, and this includes reviews of services or products they have purchased. These reviews and testimonials will reveal to you if a contractor is right for you or not. If almost everyone has left a bad review, it is obvious they are not suited for you either. Apart from checking online, ask the contractor to provide you with proof of jobs they have done before or contacts of clients they worked with previously. If they are not willing to share this information, then that is a red flag, and you should move on to the next contractor.

3. Licensing and Insurance

A reputable roof contractor is one who dots their I’s and crosses their t’s and will not start operating until they have fulfilled all the rules and regulations of the industry. That said, you must ensure that your contractor has valid licenses to act as such. Different states have different licensing requirements, and you should research to understand those applicable in your state. It is a step that guarantees protection for you and your home. Apart from licensing evaluation, you also need to work with a roof contractor whose services and workforce are adequately insured. An accident can occur anytime during your project, and you do not want to be liable for injuries or destruction of property. Therefore, do a thorough evaluation to ensure that the policies they have cover all the damages that may be involved.

4. Check Manufacturers’ Designation

Not all roofing contractors are created equal. Some will take the extra steps necessary for factory certification from the manufacturer of the shingles they install. They often display these badges on their website, but you can also go through the manufacturer’s website to determine if they are in fact certified. Do not allow yourself to work with a roof contractor who is not credited to do so, because a lack of due diligence is considered as negligence on your part.

5. Evaluate the Services Offered

Before you select your roofing contractor, get to know the variety of services they offer. Ask them relevant questions regarding roof repairs and installations. Their confidence and reliability in answering them will determine if they will deliver suitable services. A contractor who cares about your interest will suggest you do a roof repair instead of replacement, despite knowing that they would make more money on a replacement. On the other hand, if a contractor recommended a new installation when you thought a repair was enough, they should back up their suggestions with sensible facts. Also, get to know how they plan to repair or install a new roof. You do not want to work with a roof contractor who intends to install new shingles on top of an old roof because that is a risky shortcut. Have an idea of the results you want to see, and a reliable contractor will show you the right way to get there.

6. Availability of Extensive Warranty

Like we said before, roof projects are expensive, and you do not want to incur extra costs after paying handsomely for the project. If the contractor does a shoddy job, and you do not have any warranty from them, then you will be liable to pay for future damages. A reputable contractor will not fear to give you an extended warranty of their services because they know they will deliver. Make sure you know what is covered and what is not, and make sure you have it in writing.

Every aspect of your home is your top priority. This is the goal you should focus on when searching for a roofing contractor. Fletcher Home of Stafford Virginia believes that if you can religiously apply these tips, your new or repaired roof will keep your home and your family safe and sound for years to come.