As you think about home security, your thoughts likely go toward the things you have, such as home features like a security system and deadbolt locks, and the things you do, like locking doors and hiding spare keys.

What you may not think about are your windows. Most of us think of them in terms of their appearance and how they could probably use a good cleaning. Those are important, but they are also part of the first line of defense against intruders and a major part of your family’s health and safety.

The Dangers of Outdated Materials

Just like technology, construction materials have come a long way. The homes built in Stafford Virginia and surrounding areas today are nothing like the ones built by our grandparents or even our parents. Consequently, your home may have out-of-date materials even if it doesn’t seem like an old house. Let’s take a closer look.

Security Hazards

Old latches and locks just aren’t as reliable as new technology. Intruders can easily pry their way into homes by attacking latches that are too weak because of either a poor design or the simple deterioration caused by the passage of time. Old latches that are attached with short screws driven into old, brittle wood will never withstand the work of a determined intruder. You and your family could be at risk because of the weakness of old latches.

Safety Hazards

A product as simple as glass may not appear to be good or bad, but old glass presents several problems because it is more brittle. Older panes are easier to for thieves to break with less effort and less noise. An experienced thief can easily get through the glass and into the house. Older glass is also more likely to break during household mishaps, creating dangerous shards that can injure your family.

How the Frame Affects Both

When window frames were built out of wood, there were all kinds of problems. Wood has to be painted. It swells and shrinks with temperature changes, making the sashes hard to move. If a window has warped or been painted shut, it becomes a serious fire hazard by interfering with escape. It is also weaker when it comes to providing security for your home; a few very simple tools make it possible for thieves to pry their way into the home with minimal effort and minimal noise.

Reasons to Upgrade to Vinyl Replacement Windows

All of the shortcomings of old materials are obvious, but what is the alternative? Can you deal with these problems and create a safer, more secure home? The answer is yes, and we can help you do it. Here are some reasons why an upgrade could help your home.

Better Glass

Today’s glass is more likely to resist breakage from impacts of all kinds, including not just break-in attempts but also from the ordinary collisions of life, including stray baseballs. The harder it is to break glass, the less likely it is that an intruder can break it or an occupant can be injured by it.

Tougher Frames

We’ve moved beyond wooden frames today. The materials used to build modern window frames are much more durable than wood could ever be. They won’t rot, splinter, or warp. The latches connect more tightly and won’t break loose from their anchor points, and intruders cannot break the frames apart. The effort, tools, time, and noise associated with breaking through a modern window are more than enough to scare thieves away.

Better Performance

A new window gets the best of both worlds by being easier to use for people who should be using it but harder for those who should not. Forget about the constant binding and sticking of sashes. Modern materials don’t let this happen. Instead, they’ll always slide easily in their tracks, making it much easier to clean the glass and, more importantly, much easier for your family to escape in case of fire.

We Can Get You Upgraded

Being comfortable and happy in your home is all about peace of mind. We want you to know that you have the best possible protection from every threat to your family, whether it’s injuries from broken glass or access by intruders who endanger your home and belongings.

Don’t leave your home unprotected for one more day. Give us a call right now to find out how the current features of your Stafford home stack up compared to today’s best models. We’ll present you with all the options we offer to install new vinyl replacement windows in your home, improving your energy efficiency, your family’s safety and security, and the overall beauty of your home.