Roof damage occurs for different reasons like fire, wind, rain, and stormy weather, to name only a few. The extent of the damage is another issue, and insurance adjusters determine the coverage under your insurance policy.

We find that the average homeowner usually isn’t well-informed about the details of coverage because it’s used very little, but when it’s needed, it’s vitally important to understand the costs and limitations.

Weather and Roof Damage

Stormy weather and sunny days all play a part in contributing to roof damage. Your understanding of the effects of weather-related damage to your roof will increase your chances of avoiding repairs, replacements, or insurance claims.

Most homes in residential areas have asphalt shingles and as durable as they are, rain can damage them. When they break down, roof leaks become inevitable and can affect the structural integrity of the roof.

Premature damage can occur, leading to a sagging roof because of excessive moisture, making it unable to support its weight. If you see shingles on the ground around your home, it’s time to contact a professional like Stafford Roofing Inspection within the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, VA areas to assess the damage before it gets worse.

Hot Sunny Days

Summer in the United States is particularly damaging to roofs. Shingles can warp and dry out, especially on older homes. Warped and damaged shingles need replacing for the benefit of the protection the roof provides and also for curb appeal.

Wind Damage

Any roof is susceptible to wind damage, especially if the roof is in disrepair. Wind doesn’t descend on the entire roof every time, but different areas in need of repair suffer the most damage. Damage occurs frequently on the side or edges where wind damage is more likely. Roof shingles can shift because of high winds or lift off the surface and force them to move and break apart.

A bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way to protect your roof. Look for and remove low-hanging branches that might break off and damage the roof’s surface. Most times you won’t know the extent of damage until it’s inspected.

Do You Suspect Roof Damage?

We recommend that you inspect your roof regularly, and especially after a nasty storm. There’s no telling what damage is lurking in plain sight that can cause a roof leak.

From loose shingles to worn out ones that no longer protect your roof, contact Stafford Roofing in the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania, VA areas. We stand ready to assist you with all your building needs.

After the adjuster confirms your worst fears about roof damage, contact your insurance company immediately because time becomes your enemy in these situations.

What Insurance Adjusters Look For

During their home visit, adjusters assess the extent of the roof damage and determine the cause. They make their decisions based on whether existing damage happened during a recent storm or if more damage occurred because of lack of maintenance.

After the adjuster determines that the damage is storm related, they advise the homeowner of covered repairs. A good idea is to have your contractor present during the visit to discuss options going forward.

Insurance adjusters know what damage can occur during weather related events like missing granules from shingles and areas under the shingles that may feel spongy. Exterior damage to gutters, vents, fascia, windows and siding also come under the purview of the inspection.

Overview of Typical Insurance Coverage for a Damaged Roof

We deal with insurance companies regularly and while we cannot make any guarantees of insurance coverage for any claim, we can discuss some common scenarios that we see. Remember, your insurance company is the only authorized source to advise you on the coverage in your policy.

Insurance policies help the homeowner recover from financial setbacks caused by covered risks within the policy. Homeowners insurance typically covers the dwelling which includes the roof, from certain weather-related damage from fire, wind, hail, snow, or ice.

If the insurance company determines that your roof suffered damage because of neglect or a lack of maintenance, it might deny the claim. As we stated previously, only your insurance company can make that determination.

We understand that roof damage is a major headache, but we’re here for you any time you need us. Stafford Roofing Inspection will assist you in every way possible to get your home, and your life, back to normal in the quickest time possible.