Upon finding some problem in the house, all homeowners in the Stafford area struggle with the age-old question: should I hire a handyman? Many people are natural-born do-it-yourselfers and crave the thrill of embarking on a new project, even one they know little about. Others feel accomplished after replacing a light bulb and go running for the handyman when called upon to do anything else. In between these extremes, there are many people who are constantly cut in limbo, wondering if they should get to work themselves or call in an expert. At the end of the day, the best option is usually to rely on handyman services like those at Fletcher Home.

Why You Should Hire a Handyman

While there are certainly some jobs you can take care of yourself, in general you should lean towards calling in a handyman. At the end of the day, you need to calculate the risk reward of each scenario. Many a stubborn homeowner have botched a project and done significant damage to themselves or their home. Hiring a handyman is the surefire way to make sure the job is done right. Here are four specific reasons why the handyman is the way to go.


No matter how well you handle tools, if you are not a professional handyman then you are seriously lacking in true expertise. You might be better than your average person at standard repairs, but fixing things is still not your full-time job. But it is a handyman’s full-time job. They will know exactly how to solve the problem because they’ve seen it all before. And while you could waste your time and money on a project that isn’t even the right solution for the problem at hand, the handyman will be able to get to work immediately on exactly what is necessary.


If you aren’t satisfied with your own handy work, there is nothing you can do about. You’ve botched the project, and now it’s up to you to accept it like it is or start again, with all the extra time and money that entails. When you hire a handyman, on the other hand, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with how the work comes out, you can talk with the handyman until you get what you’re looking for. With handyman services, all work comes with a warranty and a guarantee.

Save on Tools and Supplies

Hiring a handyman is often much cheaper than endeavoring to complete a project yourself. When doing work on your own, it’s up to you to get all the tools, supplies, and equipment you need. While you might think this won’t add up too much, it often does. In fact, it often adds up to more than the price of the handyman by the time you’ve bought all those tools you’ll likely never use again. A handyman already has everything necessary and saves you wasting your money on items that will only pile up in your shed.

Peace of Mind

Doing work you’re not completely comfortable with can be stressful. Every step of the way, you’ll be questioning your own abilities and worrying that you’re not doing things right. When the project is complete, you’ll wonder if it was properly done. This is especially unnerving if safety is an issue. Nobody feels good about their children playing on a deck that maybe wasn’t rebuilt properly. Hiring a handyman allows you to assuage all those fears. The expert knows what they’re doing, and by hiring them you take a huge burden off yourself.

Why You Shouldn’t Always Fix it Yourself

People are proud by nature and enjoy the idea of doing things themselves. And while this attitude is sometimes entirely appropriate, there are other times when it is seriously misguided. Here are three reasons you should think twice before doing a house project on your own.

You’ll Make a Small Problem Larger

Many problems around the home require a specific fix. If an amateur takes the wrong course of action, they can make a small problem much much worse. In the end, they will need to call a handyman anyway to deal with the consequences. It is much better to accept when a problem is beyond you and call in a handyman from the get-go.


Lots of jobs require expert use of potentially-dangerous tools. There’s no reason someone with no experience with ladders should be climbing up on roofs, or a complete amateur should be fiddling with electrical components they don’t understand. Doing more than you’re capable of is a recipe for disaster. The safer option is to call in an expert. The choice between a handyman and the hospital shouldn’t be a difficult decision to make.

Quality of the Work

Most homeowners are proud of their homes. They want everything in their house to look good and function properly. If you are in the habit of doing your own shoddy work around the house, your home will probably not end up living up to your standards. A handyman is going to be able to do almost any job better than the average Joe. Accept that fact, and get in a handyman to do the job right. Your wise decision will be reflected in the quality of the work.

There are obviously going to be some minor jobs around the house that you can take care of. For everything else, don’t take any unnecessary risks and get a handyman on the job. You can count on a reliable handyman from Fletcher Home in Stafford Virginia will get the job done right. Fletcher Home offers a wide variety of services, including roofing, siding, and bathroom remodels. Check out our full list of services here.