It’s been a blustery day, and you come home to find condensation on your windows. There are various reasons this may occur, and it is essential to remedy the problem so you do not have issues such as mold or water damage.

Causes Of Condensation On Your Windows

A difference in temperature indoors and outdoors. The seal on your window panes is broken. For some homes, the drying agent, known as desiccant, is saturated and needs replacing

Solutions For Condensation On Your Windows

Use a moisture eliminator or a dehumidifier. Turn the fan on to help circulate air around the room. Do not keep the window closed all of the time. Replace old weather stripping, or install it if you do not have any. Turn up the heater to increase the temperature in the room. Turn down your humidifier to reduce moisture in the room. Remember that a lot of moisture is released when you take a shower or cook meals. Therefore, it is essential to turn on your fans in the bathroom or kitchen after each use. This will help reduce moisture in your home, reducing or preventing the condensation.

It is also important to remember that your home can face a lot of damage if you do not remedy condensation on your windows. It is better to give a knowledgeable team like Fletcher Construction a call for a minor issue, then need to contact us for larger issue down the road.

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